Would you like to design a promotional piece or unique gift?
Design your own!
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Better Living Through Creativity
Weld It-Fix It-Build It-Do it-Improve It

We provide solutions for most of your project requirements

Personalized Metal Fabrication to honor the past, build for the future and pay enough attention to the present

On site fab and consultation

Re-Enforce products to make them last longer
Restore n Re-Instate broke down items
Re-purpose products to make a task more efficient

In this space we can create the design for a gift
or a sculpture by re-purposing used mechanical goods. In this environment
creativity can thrive, they can build a functional tool or repair a broken one.
It combines elements of art, recycling, mechanics, and design together for a
unique experience with a one of a kind result every time.

Here are just a couple examples of what is possible at the workshop...

The Monster Chop

Lamp Exhaust

Hand Canon

Napkin Holder

Wag-on-a-Wheel-Bench Table

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