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Design your own!
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Better Living Through Creativity
Welcome to the Consumerist Revolution
Revolt against cheap in-effective material$n the cheap in-effective retailers that sell them
Re-Enforce products to make them last longer
Restore n Re-Instate broke down products
Re-purpose products to make a task more efficient

  In this space we can create the design for a gift
or a sculpture by re-purposing used mechanical goods. In this environment
creativity can thrive, they can build a functional tool or repair a broken one.
It combines elements of art, recycling, mechanics, and design together for a
unique experience with a one of a kind result every time.

Here are just a couple examples of what is possible at the workshop...

The Monster Chop

Lamp Exhaust

Hand Canon

Napkin Holder

Wag-on-a-Wheel-Bench Table